By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

ISBN-10: 0022843795

ISBN-13: 9780022843793

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: 3/30/2007
  • Pages: 529
  • Reading point: Age 10 and Up

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28–31) Think, Talk, and Write Main Idea What are cells? Vocabulary A structure that stores food, water, and wastes in plant and animal cells is a . Summarize What do mitochondria do in both plant and animal cells? Ac[[O`g Critical Thinking Explain why animal cells do not have chloroplasts. Microscopes magnify tiny objects and can be used to study cells. (p. 32) Make a Study Guide Test Practice Which organelle controls the activity of the cell? A mitochondrion B chloroplast C nucleus D vacuole Test Practice Which bestt describes Make a half-book (see p.

Communicate Discuss with your classmates which vegetables you selected for your organelles and explain why. see the other colors. In the fall, as the leaves die, the chlorophyll break down. Then you can see leaves change from green to other colors. Quick Check Summarize What do vacuoles do in plant cells? Critical Thinking Do you think desert plants have vacuoles? indd 31 12/22/05 11:19:24 AM How can cells be seen? For thousands of years people didn’t realize that living things as tiny as cells existed.

Animal cells can be as small as 1/1000 of a millimeter. Write this number as a decimal and as a percent. f. , thermometers, meter sticks, balances, and graduated cylinders) and make quantitative observations. c. Plan and conduct a simple investigation based on a student-developed question and write instructions others can follow to carry out the procedure. indd 35 1/3/06 3:42:11 PM Lesson 2 From Cells to Organisms You could say that the levels of organization of a school are bricks, walls, rooms, and finally the school building.

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