By Helen Otway

ISBN-10: 0572033958

ISBN-13: 9780572033958

Sketch duo make examining a voyage via gruesomeness - extra attention-grabbing than the common reference book.*Gruesome proof are well known on radio, television and in ebook format.*Appeals to oldsters because it encourages teenagers to widen their reading.*Children will take pleasure in telling family and friends approximately their studying.

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If you don’t fancy that, there’s always yagi no aisu: goat’s milk and goat’s meat ice cream. Oiseaux sans tźtes (headless birds) is a Belgian dish of sausage meat wrapped in veal slices. Comedy actor Steve-O vomited after snorting super-hot Japanese wasabi in a stunt for Jackass:The Movie. A bag of flour may be infested with tiny beetles called weevils that can spread the deadly E. Coli bacteria. They also like hiding in packets of cereal. You have been warned! 3 metres (34 feet) of raw stinging nettles to win the World Stinging Nettle-Eating Championship in 2006.

The Cambodian town of Skuon is known as Spiderville, famous for its dish of fried tarantula. The huge Thai zebra spiders are specially bred for food in holes in the ground. Oranges imported into Europe from Israel in 1978 had been purposely contaminated with mercury by terrorists. The grain used to make the flour was affected by ergot, a hallucinogenic fungus. They were later hanged for doing so. qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 54 54 1001 Gruesome Facts Popular British bar snack pork scratchings are bits of deep fried pig skin… some with hair still attached.

Nuns don’t fart, surely? Red whelks can sometimes be mistaken for edible whelks, but their saliva is highly toxic. If eaten, they will cause blurred vision and paralysis. Around 50,000 horses are slaughtered each year in the US to be exported for meat. qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 55 55 At least 16,000 children die around the world each day from hunger-related causes. British man Les Lailey celebrated his Golden Wedding anniversary with wife Beryl by opening… a 50-year-old can of chicken! The whole jellied chicken had been in their wedding day hamper.

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