Creative Pastors

It’s amazing to watch the impact that forward-thinking pastors have had on whole congregations, even whole cities. Their mission is always to communicate the gospel in new ways. They approach things from a new perspective, they take risks, they think different, like an Apple ad from the 80’s. They have new approaches, like painting public school buildings just because they can, or remodeling a house for a family in need. This kind of communication is the most powerful…even the loudest. The whole community notices, the marketplace sits up and sees the impact. Forward-thinkers do things different, decide things with a different set of priorities. One of these pastors explained to me that taking the elevator while on visitation in the hospital took an additional 45 minutes over taking the stairs…so he takes the stairs. “Besides, it’s a great workout,” he added. The stairs. I had this conversation over 10 years ago, and I have never forgotten it.

These guys see people in need and move TOWARD them…not away from them like they might catch something. They aren’t afraid to get messy in the “life stew” with people that might not taste good. They get in the mix and they make sure that their staff is in there with them. They pray with passion, preach with anointing, study with diligence, think with discernment and act without hesitation. They communicate with their community in every way possible. These pastors that I have had the privilege to work for and with over the years, stand out in my mind and heart on a daily basis. Their dedication and commitment to the Walk spills over into every aspect of their life…and the lives of others. Their impact will only be fully known when we are.

I would follow any of them up a hill…or up the stairs.