By Roger Bridgman

ISBN-10: 0756602548

ISBN-13: 9780756602543

Take an in depth examine the attention-grabbing international of robots - from the earliest single-task machines to the complex intelligence of robots with emotions. younger readers can be surprised to benefit all that robots can do: practice tender surgical operations, fresh urban sewers, paintings as museum journey publications, or perhaps conflict one another in strive against. learn the way people have created those mechanical minds and our bodies.

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A battery pack carried on SDR-3X’s back provides it with power. HONDA WONDER Asimo is a robot designed to help in the home. It was launched by Honda in 2000 after 14 years’ work. Asimo is a non-threatening 120 cm (4 ft) tall. It walks well and turns corners by shifting its centre of gravity like a real person. Recent models can recognize human faces and gestures, and can also walk faster than their predecessors. The hands are not jointed and cannot perform tasks. JUST FOR FUN After the success of their robot dog, Aibo, Sony launched a humanoid entertainment robot called SDR-3X in 2000.

Robots in space SPACE IS A HOSTILE environment. There is no air and, with little or no atmosphere for protection, everything gets very hot when the sun shines and very cold when it doesn’t. Robots can handle these conditions much better than astronauts can. They are also cheaper to operate, because they require no life-support system and can be left behind after a mission. Everything they have found out can simply be sent back to Earth by radio. But robots that explore remote planets such as Mars need a lot of intelligence.

Once the laptop is converted, it will trundle around its environment under remote control and will even respond to spoken commands. 64 Boilerplate, a hoax Victorian robot QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q A How many robots are there in the world? Q A Will artificial intelligence (AI) ever be of any use? It depends on what is meant by a robot. The number of small mobile and experimental robots is not known. The current estimate of the number of robots in industry – mostly fixed arms on production lines – is about one million, and rising fast.

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