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Recently, monodisperse iron oxide/microporous silica core/shell composite nanoparticles, core(γ-Fe2O3)/shell(SiO2), with a diameter of approximately 100nm and a high magnetization were synthesized by combining sol–gel chemistry and supercritical fluid technology [108]. The chemical process to fabricate the material is shown in Figure 13. This one-step processing method, which is easily scalable, allows quick fabrication of materials with controlled properties and in high yield. The particles have a specific magnetic moment (per kg of iron) comparable to that of the bulk maghemite and show superparamagnetic behavior at room temperature.

Figure 13. Processing pathway for obtaining the nanocomposite material. 1) Colloidal dispersion of γFe2O3 nanoparticles in hexane. 2) Initial sol with silicon precursor, water, solvents and iron oxide NPs at ambient conditions. 3) Expanded sol under supercritical conditions with gel composite particles. 4) Dry composite particles. CONCLUSIONS In this chapter, we have discussed an emerging group of BNCs based on various natural as well as synthetic polymers and nanofillers that are either used extensively or show promise in the area of biomedical fields.

In acidic medium LDH dissolved and the intercalated drug starts to release in a molecular form which is suitable for adsorption. The 24 M. Prabaharan, R. Jayakumar and Ashutosh Tiwari drug solubility has been investigated before and after intercalation. It has been found that LDH improves the drug solubility and its dissolution rate. Figure 4. Schematic diagram of FB-LDH intercalation process. Enalaprilate (Enal), an active pharmaceutical component, was intercalated into a LDH (Mg/Al-LDH) by an ion exchange reaction [47].

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