By Dietrich Marcuse

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The technique for determining the total luminescence spectra of aromatic hydrocarbons in n-alkanes has been comprehensively describedg5. Absorption and emission properties have been examined for styrylstyrene and distyrylanthracene derivativesg6. The effect of high pressures (up to SGPa) on the crystal field induces mixing of exciton states in naphthalene crystals97. Time resolved fluorescence spectra of naphthalene doped in amorphous silica glasses shows the presence of the ground state dimer gives rise to a unique luminescent e ~ c i m e r ~ ~ .

Similarly, complexation of xanthone in cyclodextrin has made it possible for the triplet state of this molecule to be fully characteri~ed~~~. Association and dissociation processes are related to the dipoles developed in the complex and in solution. A unimodal Lorentzian lifetime distribution for 2-anilinonaphthalene-6-sulphonate B-cyclodextran inclusion complexes have been recovered by multifrequency phase-modulation fluorometry in the presence of the quenchers Cu2+,acrylamide, and I-382. Both the fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra of benzo[ffquinolineadsorbed on P-cyclodextrin/NaClhave been determined as a function of temperat~re3~3.

Aggregates of rhodamine 6G in aqueous surfactant solutions have also been characterized by photophysical methodsz58. The fluorescence properties of DCM, 4-cyanomethylene-2-methyl-6-pdimethyl aminostyryl-4H pyran, show that there is thermal equilibrium between the cis- and trans-isomers. There is no observable aggregation of this dye except in liquid membraneszsg. Polarized absorption and emission spectra of stilbazolium rnemyanines260 and the properties of pyrylium and thiopyrylium high efficiency laser dyesZ6lare topics covered other related publications.

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