By Warren Roberts

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This ebook argues that Jane Austin did recognize of the French Revolution and its results at the ecu global, even supposing she by no means refers to it at once in her writing.

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When he said he wanted to revive the earlier custom of the dance at the Crown Inn he was really laying plans for a social occasion that served his own scheming purposes. The truth was that he had no interest in past ways, no commitment to tradition. Nor was he 'amiable' in the English sense of the term, as defined by Knightley. Examples of Churchill's falsity are legion. He had not come to Highbury to see his family but because a young lady was there whom he had courted under irregular circumstances, in defiance of the social code, and in a way that compromised her and caused her great and unnecessary anguish.

My point is that Austen's novels not only reflect the social life of her time, but with their Burkean insights yield a depth of social awareness that sets them apart from earlier fiction. This is not to say that Austen was a student of Burke or was familiar with his writings, for which there is no evidence whatever. It is to say that she developed a social vision very like that ofBurke. Like Burke and the Lake Poets and countless lesser writers her vision cannot be understood unless it is seen as a response to the French Revolution and its impact on English and all of European life, and like them it gave her rich insights into the workings of society.

Having temporarily suspended Habeas Corpus in I 794, allowing political suspects to be held without trial, parliament then passed two Acts to restore order, the Seditious Meetings Act and the Treasonable Practices Act. A Newspaper Publication Act of I 799 followed earlier measures of I 792, I 795 and I 798, directed against 'criminal and seditious' writings. Other, more subtle steps to control the press were taken through new customs and procedures enabling the Attorney General to bring journalists before special rather than common juries.

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