By A. L. Carey, V. Gayral, A. Rennie, F. A. Sukochev

ISBN-10: 0821898388

ISBN-13: 9780821898383

Spectral triples for nonunital algebras version in the neighborhood compact areas in noncommutative geometry. within the current textual content, the authors end up the neighborhood index formulation for spectral triples over nonunital algebras, with no the belief of neighborhood devices in our algebra. This formulation has been effectively used to calculate index pairings in several noncommutative examples. The absence of the other potent approach to investigating index difficulties in geometries which are certainly noncommutative, really within the nonunital state of affairs, used to be a first-rate motivation for this research and the authors illustrate this aspect with examples within the textual content. so as to comprehend what's new of their method within the commutative environment the authors turn out an analogue of the Gromov-Lawson relative index formulation (for Dirac style operators) for even dimensional manifolds with bounded geometry, with no invoking compact helps. For extraordinary dimensional manifolds their index formulation seems to be thoroughly new

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Since (ε + D 2 + λ)−1 = (ε + D 2 + λ)− 2( p +δ p +1) (1−δ) p +1) (ε + D2 + λ)− 2 − 2( 1 , and (1−δ) p +1) D(ε + D2 + λ)− 2 − 2( 1 ∞ (1−δ) p +1) ≤ (ε + λ)− 2( , by spectral theory, we find that for 1 > δ > 0 b[Fε , a] p +1 ≤ 2 [D, a] ∞ × b(ε + D2 )− 2( λ−1/2 (ε + λ) p +δ p +1) p +1 − 12 − 2((1−δ) p +1) dλ < ∞. 0 Hence b[Fε , a] ∈ L p +1 (N , τ ), and taking adjoints yields [Fε , a]b ∈ L p +1 (N , τ ) for all a, b ∈ A also. Now we observe that [Fε , ab] = a[Fε , b] + [Fε , a]b, and so [Fε , ab] ∈ L p +1 (N , τ ) for all ab ∈ A2 .

This is discussed in [5, 36], where more information on the Kasparov product can also be found. With these definitions in hand, we can state our first result linking semifinite spectral triples and Kasparov theory. 4 (see [35]). Let (A, H, D) be a semifinite spectral triple relative to (N , τ ) with A separable. For ε > 0 (resp ε ≥ 0 when D is invertible), set Fε := D(ε + D2 )−1/2 and let A be the C ∗ -completion of A. Then, [Fε , a] ∈ KN for all a ∈ A. In particular, provided that KN is σ-unital, and letting X := KN as a right KN -C ∗ -module, the data (A XKN , Fε ) defines a Kasparov module with class [(A XKN , Fε )] ∈ KK • (A, KN ), where • = 0 if the spectral triple (A, H, D) is Z2 -graded and • = 1 otherwise.

Two Kasparov A-B-modules (A (X1 )B , F1 ) and (A (X2 )B , F2 ) are unitarily equivalent if there is an adjointable unitary B-module map U : X1 → X2 such that π2 (a) = U π1 (a)U ∗ , for all a ∈ A and F2 = U F1 U ∗ . Two Kasparov A-B-modules (A (X1 )B , F1 ) and (A (X2 )B , F2 ) are stably equivalent if there are degenerate Kasparov A-B-modules (A (X3 )B , F3 ) and (A (X4 )B , F4 ) with (A (X1 ⊕ X3 )B , F1 ⊕ F3 ) = (A (X2 ⊕ X4 )B , F2 ⊕ F4 ), and π1 ⊕ π3 = π2 ⊕ π4 . Two Kasparov A-B-modules (A (X)B , G) and (A (X)B , H) (with the same representation π of A) are called operator homotopic if there is a norm continuous family (Ft )t∈[0,1] ⊂ EndB (X) such that for each t ∈ [0, 1] (A (X)B , Ft ) is a Kasparov module and F0 = G, F1 = H.

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Index theory for locally compact noncommutative geometries by A. L. Carey, V. Gayral, A. Rennie, F. A. Sukochev

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