By Mark Gatiss

ISBN-10: 1847375596

ISBN-13: 9781847375599

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Or do I flatter myself? Probably. My scandalous career had been quite a ride but, like all good things, had to come to an end. The Royal Academy was finally to be absorbed by the traditional MI6 mob: the ‘Service’. With their checkpoints and their microfilmed sex-acts and their shabby little assassinations in rainy Czech alleys. Playfair held up a hand. ‘Anyway, I’m in no rush, old love. You remember that. ’ ‘One month,’ I said, contemplating the popping gas-fire. It was a stiflingly hot June, but Playfair was notoriously thin-blooded.

Well, if the little scrap wanted to volunteer for all this leaping about and frog-spawn collecting, who was I to gainsay him? I bent down and was all too aware of the pistol-shot cracking of my joints. ‘Have a lovely time, Christmas,’ I murmured, awkwardly patting my child on the head. ’ His bright gaze was straying already to the back of the hut. He looked at me crossly. ’ My temper flared, but Miss ffawthawte intervened, dragging the boy behind her back. ‘I’ll just settle him in, Mr Box,’ she said quickly.

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