By Lisa Yount

ISBN-10: 0816072175

ISBN-13: 9780816072170

Biotechnology And Genetic Engineering joins others within the publisher's 'Library in a booklet' reference and merits ongoing point out as a very good single-volume simple creation to biotechnology for readers on the highschool point on up. From cloning to DNA mapping and felony ramifications of study, this packs in very important heritage, moral and ethical discussions, and many bibliographic references for extra learn.

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In the early 1990s, some scientists and lawyers also questioned the statistics used in court to show the probability of an accidental match between suspect and crime scene samples. To begin with, as critics have pointed out, the frequently used term “DNA fingerprinting” (coined and trademarked by Jeffreys) is somewhat misleading. Each person’s fingerprint is unique, and so (unless the person has an identical twin) is each person’s DNA. DNA identification tests, however, do not examine a person’s whole genome, but only tiny fragments of it.

Misuse of information from such databases, they say, could lead to genetic discrimination. Groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Libertarian Party see DNA databases as a potentially serious threat to the right to privacy and civil liberties, particularly if they include people who have not been convicted of crimes or consist of actual tissue samples rather than just identification profiles. They say that the taking of blood samples, at least, requires an intrusion into the body that may violate Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Some people wonder, however, whether such detailed knowledge of each individual’s genes will be an entirely good thing. On the one hand, it could help people avoid illnesses to which their genes predispose them by, for example, making certain lifestyle choices or undergoing tests for certain conditions unusually often. On the other hand, critics say, it could also lead to a new form of discrimination, based not on race or gender but on one’s genes. 20 38 Issues in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Potentially, as the ability to analyze individual genomes increases, genetic discrimination could affect anyone.

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