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Not taxable. 3-6 2 064 9 0-3 2 400 11 3-6 1 200 5 – [2 160] – Yes No < 6 [1 000 000] – Yes – Female wage earner or loneparent father. – AFEAMA – Employment of childcarer at their home. Germany Tax allowance. Korea Tax allowance. Luxembourg Standard tax abatement. Netherlands Tax deduction. Jointly assessed married couple. – 3 600 11 – – 0-3 [467] – Yes Yes Combination tax credit. < 12 [190] – Yes – Norway5 Tax deduction. < 12 [25 000] – Yes Yes – United Kingdom Supplement to Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC).

Child care subsidy for children. Maximum 37 hours of subsidised care/week. preschool children (age 0-5) is paid directly to providers. Similar program for part-time care for children aged 5-13 (OSCAR). Norway5 Documented childcare expenses for children aged under 12 are tax deductible up to a limit. – Yes No, fixed amount for one or more children. Poland – For a parent caring for at least one child. Not normally available for children aged over 2. – Yes, fixed limit. Subsidies for non-profit private or state facilities.

611 3 0 0 Belgium 1 102 4 +/– +/– 17 (24) No For unemployed, family benefits are increased as from 7th month of unemployment. Canada 1 151 3 0 + from 3rd 17 Family taxable income. Canada child tax benefit (non-wastable tax credit). Additional supplement per child aged under 7 if no childcare expenses are claimed. Family net income. National Child Benefit (NCB) supplement for low income families. Australia 4 National currency [1] % of APW3 Non-wastable tax credit. 3 0 – 8 563 4 +/– 0 14 (25) Denmark 11 300 4 +/– 0 17 Finland 6 420 4 0 + 16 No Fixed rate of increase for each additional child.

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