By Malcolm Yorke

ISBN-10: 0789429624

ISBN-13: 9780789429629

This point three publication is ideal for kids who can learn on my own. Do those monsters quite exist? learn those outstanding precise tales -- then make a decision for your self! The 48-page point three books, designed for kids who can learn all alone, include extra advanced sentence constitution and extra element. younger readers will eat those kid-friendly titles, which disguise high-interest themes reminiscent of sharks, and the Bermuda Triangle, in addition to classics like Aladdin. info containers spotlight old references, trivialities, pronunciation, and different proof approximately phrases and names pointed out. Averaging 2,400 to 2,800 phrases, those books supply a 50/50 picture-to-text ratio. The Dorling Kindersley Readers mix an attractive visible format with high-interest, easy-to-read tales to captivate and pleasure younger bookworms who're simply getting began. Written via prime kid's authors and compiled in session with literacy specialists, those enticing books construct reader self assurance besides a lifelong appreciation for nonfiction, vintage tales, and biographies. there's a DK Reader to curiosity each baby at each point, from preschool to grade four.

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He thought to himself. ” The next day, Don walked behind the mountain and saw the creature’s footprints in the snow. They were about the same size as his boot prints – not big like the footprints Eric Shipton saw. So what was the creature Don saw – what animal made these prints? “These footprints were made by a baby yeti,” said the Sherpa guide. A drawing of a yeti, from eye-witness stories. 31 A yeti drawing from a French magazine. Later that night, Don was sitting quietly in his tent. He was looking out into the bright moonlight and thinking about the footprints in the snow.

A Buddhist monk in Nepal gave something to Sir Edmund Hillary (one of the first two men to climb Mount Everest). The monk told Sir Edmund that it was a yeti scalp – the skin and hair from the top of the head. At last, there was something more to study! The yeti scalp given to Sir Edmund Hillary. 33 pp Sir Edmund Hillary gave the scalp to the scientists to study. Everyone was excited at first, but soon they were disappointed. The scalp wasn’t from a yeti – it was a fake. It was made from the hair and skin of other animals.

In 1970, another mountaineer came close to a yeti – this time closer than Eric Shipton and his friends. The man’s name was Don Whillans, and he was climbing in the Himalayas with some Sherpa guides. They were climbing for some time when suddenly something very strange happened. ” Don knew the stories about the yeti, but he didn’t know if they were true. He never thought he would meet one himself. Don Whillans The yeti seem very good at living alone in the freezing mountains. ) 30 Paperback level 3 228 x 150mm UK A beast called yeti The name “yeti” comes from the Sherpa words “yeh theh” which means “that thing”.

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