By Harun Yahya

Dialogue, because the identify indicates, of the elemental tenets of Islam; Allah has invited mankind to grasp Him via Islam. during this booklet, we talk about concerns resembling the lives of the Prophets, the transitority nature of our lives, and what we have to do to conform with the need of Allah.

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Sura al-Hajj: 5-6) To make an example of this re-creation, God draws our attention to natural phenomena around us. After rainfall, God revives dead, barren soil where nothing could grow so that it becomes productive again. Similarly, bringing man back to life after his death is easy for God: It He is Who sends out the winds, bringing advance news of His mercy, so that when they have lifted up the heavy clouds, We dispatch them to a dead land and send down water to it, by means of which We bring forth all kinds of fruit.

Man never actually disappears. From the very moment we are created, our eternal life begins. That is, we have already started our eternal life. Once our trial has ended, and immediately following the moment of transition, which we call death, we will live on into eternity. Whether that time will be spent in torment or in bliss depends on one's 54 Belief In The Hereafter commitment to the Word of God, the Qur'an, and his fastidiousness in observing His limits. This entire system, the universe, the world, human beings, and everything created for human beings, have been designed for an ultimate purpose; the life in the hereafter.

What an evil judgement they make! (Sura al-An'am: 136) As is mentioned in the verse above, idolaters assign a part of their wealth to God, and another part to their idols. This is characteristic of the delusion of idolaters. Loving a being more than God or loving him/it as one ought to love God is again a form of idolatry. Similarly, someone who fears a being as he should fear God, idolizes it, since he assumes that that being possesses a might apart from and independent of God. Muslims, however, firmly believe that everything is created by God, that all affairs are regulated by Him, that causes do not have any power to produce a result independently, that every event is predetermined and created by God, that God is the possessor of the ultimate will and judgement.

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