By Anya Richards

ISBN-10: 1609281632

ISBN-13: 9781609281632

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His face was suddenly sly, and his rheumy eyes blinked rapidly. 舡 Feigning ignorance, Myrina went to the chest and opened it. Although the pouch lay right on top, she took some time getting it out, knowing her face was already pink with embarrassment. 舠I舗m afraid I can舗t stop tonight to do any more for you, Master Gottreb. 舡 The old man sighed, but didn舗t pursue the matter. 舡 The old man舗s voice was eager, the words rushing one upon the other. 舡 With her back still to him, Myrina took out the shilling for the goodwife and returned the pouch to the trunk.

A command, desperate, desire-filled, and Myrina cupped the undersides of her breasts, lifting them as though to encourage a lover舗s kisses. Slowly, teasingly, she slipped her palms along them, gasping as heat inundated her body. Yearning drew her nipples tight, made them so sensitive the very stirring of the air made them ache. Circling the puckered flesh with the pads of her fingers, Myrina moaned, almost wept with delight. Around and around, avoiding the very tips for as long as she could, shuddering, until the phantom voice cried out with frustration as deep as her own.

Yet she didn舗t believe in magic舒not really. Surely it was just something parents made up to keep their children in line with fear? If you don舗t behave, the faeries will be angered, the pixies pinch your toes at night. Perhaps Elawen was right in saying it was time Myrina found herself another lover? Surely this unseemly reaction was a result of loneliness, of being untouched by a man舗s hands for all these months? But how could she have imagined, on her own, a man putting his head between her legs to kiss her quim?

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