By Donald E. Thrall DVM PhD DACVR, Ian D. Robertson BVSc DACVR

ISBN-10: 1437701787

ISBN-13: 9781437701784

Featuring 1000's of high quality electronic images, Atlas of ordinary Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic variations within the puppy and Cat is helping you are making exact diagnoses by way of making a choice on the diversities among general and irregular anatomy. specialist authors Donald E. Thrall and Ian D. Robertson describe a much broader variety of "normal," in comparison to competing books, not just displaying regular canines and cats yet non-standard topics comparable to obese and underweight pets plus animals with breed-specific diversifications. This outsized atlas presents a fantastic supplement to Thrall's Textbook of Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology, the major veterinary radiography textual content within the U.S. Use this quickly, visible reference for correct process and interpretation of radiographic photos, and you'll make actual diagnoses and attain winning therapy outcomes.

  • High-quality electronic images exhibit anatomic constructions with first-class distinction solution to allow exact diagnoses.
  • Radiographic pictures of ordinary or "standard" prototypical animals are supplemented via pictures of non-standard matters displaying breed-specific modifications, physiologic editions, or universal congenital malformations.
    • Brief descriptive textual content and explanatory legends accompany photos, placing thoughts into the right kind context and making sure a extra whole understanding.
    • Clear labeling of vital anatomic structures contains cropped pictures to stress key issues, and makes it faster and more straightforward to acknowledge unlabeled radiographs.
    • An assessment of radiographic technique comprises the results of sufferer positioning, breathing, and publicity factors.
    • Radiographs of immature patients express the influence of sufferer age on anatomic appearance.
    • A wide variety of "normal" animals is defined, to avoid medical less than- and over-diagnosing of medical patients.
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    Table 2-2 Incisors Canines Premolars Molars Feline Dental Eruption Times1 Deciduous Teeth (Weeks) Permanent Teeth (Months) 2-3 3-4 3-6 n/a 3-4 4-5 4-6 4-5 20 Atlas of Normal Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic Variants in the Dog and Cat Frontal Parietal Lacrimal Nasal Incisive Occipital Temporal Maxilla Palatine A Zygomatic Sphenoid Pterygoid Incisive Incisive Palatine fissure Nasal Maxilla Infraorbital foramen Maxilla Palatine Lacrimal Zygomatic process of frontal bone Palatine Zygomatic Zygomatic Frontal process of zygomatic bone Vomer Frontal Frontal Presphenoid Pterygoid Parietal Zygomatic process of temporal bone Basisphenoid Temporal Parietal Temporal Sagittal crest Nuchal crest B External occipital protuberance Occipital C Occipital Figure 2-3.

    The hollow white arrow is the nasal septum. B, Diagram of patient positioning for image A. ) 26 Atlas of Normal Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic Variants in the Dog and Cat Ventral nasal meatus Caudal aspect of hard palate Nasopharynx Soft palate Occipital condyle zygomatic bone to form the zygomatic arch (see Figure 2-1 and Figure 2-19). The coronoid process of the mandible extends between the medial aspect of the zygomatic arch and the lateral aspect of the calvarium and is surrounded by extensive masticatory musculature.

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