By F. Forsberg, F. Saharil, T. Haraldsson, N. Roxhed, G. Stemme, W. van der Wijngaart, F. Niklaus

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Species not given. 3 PRIMATES 30 ANTHROPOIDEA CEBOIDEA CEBIDAE Cebus apella Tufted capuchin Survey Results \ Test Hb Av. 2 Test 1 PT Av. 5 2 | MCHC Survey Results No. 1 3 | Av. 0 Retics Ref. 5 1 1 XIII |ELT 35 1 1 AT I E IB 1 CR Pg |AF 1 TP No. not given See also ref. 75. 35 | KRT No. 4 Av. 9 | PCV Ref. l 23 23 | 1 23 1 Survey Results Av. 5 Av. 5 No. 15 5 J 32 PRIMATES ANTHROPOIDEA CEBOIDEA CEBIDAE Cebus nigrìvittatus Weeper Capuchin Survey Results Test Hb Av. 4 Survey No. | Results | Test Av. 2 |xm |ELT 51 |AT Pg AF 1000+ No.

103 Av. ±SD Av. 13 5 11 animals 10 animals PRIMATES 40 ANTHROPOIDEA CERCOPITHECOIDEA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca fascicularis = M. irus Cynomologous or crab-eating macaque Survey Results Test Hb RBC 1 PCV Retics Av. Ref. 38 No. Av. Range Av. 2 Range Ref. 0 ±SD Ref. 63 Av. mm See also refs. 2, 36, 37 PRIMATES 41 Cynomologous (crab eating) macaque Ref. 96 Survey Results Ref. 103 Test Av. Range No. | Av. Range Av. 64 1 4-21 animals 12 animals 42 PRIMATES ANTHROPOIDEA CERCOPITHECOIDEA CERCOPITHECIDAE Macaca mulatta Rhesus monkey Survey Results \ Test Hb Refi Av.

70 No. = 86 P. anubis and P. cynocephalus See also refs. 6, 18. For effect of age on blood picture of P. anubis see ref. 39. For effect of age on blood picture of Papio sp. see ref. 58. For sex differences in Papio sp. see ref. 13. 5 1 No. = 100 P. anubis and P. cynocephalus | Olive baboon Survey Results \ Test 1 Av. Range Ref. 09 5 [JT 1 Av. 45 23-38 1 300 252-352 10 1 89 68-112 PF3 release 66 Range (3 animals) 56- 78 PF3 total 99 Range (3 animals) 86-116 Contact activation index 48 Range 23-60 (3 animals) For coagulation studies on Papio sp.

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[Article] A comparative study of the bonding energy in adhesive wafer bonding by F. Forsberg, F. Saharil, T. Haraldsson, N. Roxhed, G. Stemme, W. van der Wijngaart, F. Niklaus

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