By Spencer J. Pack

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During this name, Spencer Pack compares and contrasts Aristotle's, Smith's and Marx's theoretical platforms on six basic concerns: trade price, cash, capital, personality, executive, and alter. This e-book additionally presents insights on matters in regards to the carrying on with improvement of global cash, saving, managerial capitalism, corrupt governments, and numerous secular and spiritual routine for social swap.

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Note that Aristotle is the philosopher of heterogeneity. For Aristotle there are various largely incommensurate virtues, types of friends, fields of study (or what became in time academic disciplines), personal attributes, and so on. Modern neoclassical economic theory, largely reflecting our monetized society, stresses the homogeneity of life through utility and cost/benefit analysis where it is assumed that everything may be compared, everything is commensurate. For an argument that the monetization of Greek society in the 6th century bce was a crucial factor in the formation of both early Greek philosophy and tragedy, see Seaford (2004).

1103a). So people need to choose well. What a person chooses to consume and to do will eventually become habit-forming. This will also influence and determine that person’s character. For Aristotle, ‘Habits are also pleasant; for as soon as a thing has become habitual, it is virtually natural; habit is a thing not unlike nature; what happens often is akin to what happens always, natural events happening always, habitual events often’ (Rhetoric: 1370a). What we choose to consume and do becomes habitual.

For both types of consumers, passions will overwhelm and rule their intellect and reason. Aristotle further divides the irrational part of the human soul in two. One corresponds to the vegetable soul, the other to the animal soul. ‘Of the irrational element one division seems to be widely distributed, and vegetative in its nature, I mean that which causes nutrition and growth’ (Nicomachean Ethics (NE): 1101a). This part of the human soul does not present a major problem for human consumption and choice.

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