By Francesco Collamati

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This thesis specializes in a unique radio-guided surgical procedure process for entire tumor resections. It describes all points of the intraoperative probe, in addition to trying out and simulation of the radical procedure. The presentation develops the process from the preliminary inspiration to life like feasibility stories which were the topic of an announcement of the yankee Society of Nuclear medication. only a yr after finishing this paintings, the method has now been demonstrated for the 1st time on a meningioma sufferer, confirming all the predictions made during this thesis.

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Thus, a Light Attenuation Length of the same order of magnitude of the detector size is not a big issue if the gain in light production is convenient [3]. The absolute measurement of the LY of a scintillator depends on the shape and polishing of the sample, on the wrapping and optical coupling to the photodetector, and on the photodetector response. For this reason I measured the light output with respect to the scintillator thickness by using samples of p-terphenyl with 32 mm diameter and 3, 4, and 5 mm high cylinders.

In order to quantify the suppression factor of photon detection with respect to electrons, we used the decay properties of 137 Cs. As detailed in Sect. 7 % of the cases (the two lines at 624 and 656 keV). While the electron lines appear as a single gaussian distribution in our detector, photons’ energy spectrum is continuously decreasing with the increasing energy release. In order to distinguish the photon spectrum in the 137 Cs emission, we acquired data interposing a 2 mm aluminum layer between the source and the 3 mm p-terphenyl scintillator sample.

Alexandrov, A. Burenkov, V. Danilov, G. Kovalenko, N. Stekhanov, MYu. Yablokov, M. Surin, A. Zav’Yalov, Development of VUV wavelength shifter for the use with a visible light photodetector in noble gas filled detectors. Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. A 695, 403 (2012) 2. Y. V. S. A. V. A. V. G. N. A. N. M. A. Yu. Yablokov, Detection of scintillation light in liquid xenon by multipixel avalanche Geiger photodiode and wavelength shifter. J. Instrum. 5 (2010) References 51 3. M. Angelone, G. Battistoni, F.

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