By Naomi Pasachoff

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ISBN-13: 9781429462174

Examines the character in addition to the concept methods which led this inventor to his discoveries that have helped our knowing of the wildlife.

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SURGICAL GLOVES Convinced that germs were a threat to their patients, 19th century surgeons needed to find a way to keep their hands sterile while operating. In 1890, US surgeon William Halsted invented thin rubber surgical gloves, and the problem was solved. American mechanical engineer Christopher Sholes patented the first practical typewriter in 1868. Sholes laid the keyboard out in the pattern, known as QWERTY, after the six letters that appear top left on the keyboard. This layout was designed to slow down the typist in order to stop the keys jamming.

37c Darwin, Charles 15a Dassler, Adolf (Adi) 35c-d Davis, Jacob 35a Davy, Humphry 16a, 17d, 53d, 54b DDT insecticide 53b decimals 11d Deere, John 38a Deforrest, Lee 32a Denner, Johann 36b Devol, George 44a, 45b-c Dewar, James 56a dialysis 22a Dickson, Earle 55a Diemer, Walter 52d Diesel, Rudolf 26d Difference Engine 40a digital cameras 41b-c digital films 37d digital music 36c-d digital radio 32a digital television 33d digital watches 19d dimples 57c dinosaurs 14b-d, 15d direct drive arms 45d Disney 37d disposable nappies 35a diving bells 47d diving suit 53c Dixies 54c DNA 10b, 11a, 14b-d, 15a-c, 17a, 17b, 20b-d, 51a-c Dobney, Ted 43b-c Dolly the Sheep 11a, 17a-c Domain Name System (DNS) 42a Drais de Sauerbrun, Baron Karl 56d Drake, Edwin 27a Drew, Richard 55d drink 38-9 Dubois, Eugene 15b Dunlop, John 26a DuPont Textiles 35b-c, 48a DVDs 17c dyes, mauve 24a dynamite 25a-b Dyson, James 34b, 53b, 53c E ears 21a-b Earth 14b-d, 15d earthquakes 49d Eastman, George 9c, 9d, 49a-c Edison, Thomas Alva 8c, 31d, 37d, 49a-c, 52a, 56a, 57d electric light bulb 34c-d, 49c, 57b phonograph 8d, 36a, 49b Edwards, Robert 23c Egyptian inventions 6d, 7a, 7b, 10a-b, 13a Ehrlich, Paul 22a Einstein, Albert 11d, 50b-d, 51a, 55d Einthoven, Willem 22a electric light 49a-c, 57b electric vehicles 26a, 27d electricity 10a, 17d electrocardiograph (ECG) 22a electrolysis 17d electromagnetism 30a, 32a electron microscope 53c elevator 25c email 42a, 42b-c EMI 33c emoticons 42a endorphins 20a Engelbart, Doug 41b-c engines 26-9 Engle, Joel 31b-c engraving tools 12a ENIAC 40a, 40c-d Enigma coding machine 9b, 41b-c enkephalins 20a Ericsson, John 29a ESA 19a-b escalator 53c Essen, Louis 7d Eustachio, Bartolomeo 21a-b Everett, Bart 55b evolution 15a Eyck, Jan van 54c F Fabri de Peiresc, Nicolas-Claude 18a Fabricius, Hieronymus 21c-d Fahrenheit, Daniel 46a Fallopio, Gabriello 21a-b Faraday, Michael 17d farming 7a, 12b-d fashion 34-5 Faure, Camille 26a fax machines 30a, 31d Felt, Dorr E.

Dialysis medical technique for removing harmful chemicals from the blood of patients with kidney failure. Digital Stored or transmitted in digital form as a series of binary numbers. Direct current (DC) Electricity, produced by batteries and dynamos, that flows in one direction from a positive anode to a negative cathode. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) The substance that contains the genetic code used to pass on characteristics to offspring. All living things, except bacteria, use DNA, and every species has its own type of DNA molecule.

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