By Susan Cummins Miller

ISBN-10: 0874806372

ISBN-13: 9780874806373

ISBN-10: 0874806380

ISBN-13: 9780874806380

During this publication are bits and items of desires, lives, stories, and vistas, like squares minimize from previous textile and assembled right into a loopy cover of writing types and kinds. The patchwork layout mirrors either the complexity of the chroniclers and the stark strains and angles of the yank frontier. —Susan Cummins Miller, from the advent during this anthology of thirty-four writers who released through the cost years of the yank frontier, Miller assembles nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and coffee writings from ladies of Anglo, chinese language, Hispanic, and local American ethnicity. Variously addressing such issues as isolation, drudgery, friendship, mourning, or even mysticism, those writers supply up a special frontier, person who makes a speciality of women’s stories up to men’s. briefly biographical and historic introductions to every author, Miller stocks insights and context as attractive because the decisions themselves.

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It was the dust and cobwebs of time that troubled him; of old memories, of early hardships, of dangers, toils and death; of friends long gone, linked to the present by every success and every triumph.  Memories of days when he was young, when the hair upon his brow was not silvered; when he roamed the dense forest, rifle in hand, and peered cautiously for the savage foe behind every tree and fallen log; when the panther lay crouched in the path, and the rattlesnake coiled itself by the wayside, and the wild wolf howled nightly upon the hills; of the days when friends and brothers went out at morn, and returned not at nightfall; when sickness and sorrow came with heavy steps, and there were none to help; when the fire swept away the toil of years, and the hopes of days to come.

She said she had supposed we were not coming, it was so late; (it was just half­past eight,) and then like many other poor souls I have known, tried hard to hide her husband's real difficulty. ' she said.  And thus passed my first night in Montacute.  But I have since been convinced, that sleeping in an exhausted atmosphere, of which those who slept on the bedsteads felt the effect more sensibly than those who lay on the floor, had no small agency in producing this depression of spirits, so unusual with me.

The basket which had contained, when we left the city, a store of cakes and oranges, which the children thought inexhaustible, held now nothing but the napkins, which had enveloped those departed joys, and those napkins, suspended corner­wise, and soaken long and often in the crystal water, served for business and pleasure, till papa came back. ' was the cry, and with one word, over went Miss Alice, who had been reaching as far as she could, trying how large a portion of her napkin she could let float in the water.

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