By Geir E. Dullerud

Through the 90s strong keep an eye on concept has obvious significant advances and completed a brand new adulthood, headquartered round the thought of convexity. The aim of this ebook is to offer a graduate-level direction in this concept that emphasizes those new advancements, yet whilst conveys the most rules and ubiquitous instruments on the middle of the topic. Its pedagogical pursuits are to introduce a coherent and unified framework for learning the speculation, to supply scholars with the control-theoretic history required to learn and give a contribution to the learn literature, and to offer the most rules and demonstrations of the most important effects. The e-book can be of worth to mathematical researchers and desktop scientists, graduate scholars planning on doing learn within the quarter, and engineering practitioners requiring complex regulate ideas.

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75 2 C n m a1n amn where we use a to denote the complex conjugate of a number a 2 C . So A is the matrix formed by transposing the indices of A and taking the complex conjugate of each element. A square matrix A 2 C n n is Hermitian or self-adjoint if A=A : The space of Hermitian matrices is denoted H n , and is a real vector space. If a Hermitian matrix A is in Rn n it is more speci cally referred to as symmetric. The set of symmetric matrices is also a real vector space and will be written Sn.

As a further step, consider the space C m n of complex m n matrices of the form 2 a11 a1 n 3 A = 64 ... . ... 75 : am1 amn Using once again componentwise addition and scalar multiplication, C m n is a (real or complex) vector space. We now de ne two vector spaces of matrices which will be central in our course. First, we de ne the Hermitian conjugate or adjoint of the above matrix A 2 C m n by 2 a11 am 1 3 A = 64 ... . ... 75 2 C n m a1n amn where we use a to denote the complex conjugate of a number a 2 C .

Then Q1 and Q2 are strictly separated if and only if the intersection of their closures Q1 \ Q2 is empty. The result states that provided that one set is bounded, two sets are strictly separated if there closures are disjoint. Thus if two sets are closed, with one of them compact, they are strictly separated exactly when they are disjoint. Having introduced some topology for vector spaces, we are ready to move on to discussing convexity. 2 Convex sets Let us begin by de ning the line segment that joins two points in V .

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