By Jack Staub

Gardening professional Jack Staub keeps his stimulating sequence on distinct additions on your backyard with seventy five unparalleled Herbs in your backyard.

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Jack Staub's 75 Exceptional Herbs for Your Garden PDF

Gardening specialist Jack Staub maintains his stimulating sequence on specified additions on your backyard with seventy five remarkable Herbs on your backyard.

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Peppermint 57. Purslane (Golden) 58. Rampion 59. Rocket (Arugula) 60. Rosemary 61. Rue 62. Saffron 63. Sage (Golden) 65. Shiso (Purple) 66. Soapwort 67. Savory (Summer) 69. Stevia 70. Tarragon (French) 71. Thyme (Garden) 73. ” —Ovid, Metamorphoses, Lib. XV This has been a fascinating journey for me. Although I have probably cultured at least half of the herbs I offer to you in this volume, and have surely sought the comforting warmth of chamomile or lemon balm tea on a blustery day, chewed a sprig of parsley for refreshment, and noted the dynamic nutritive value of dandelions and such, my herbal acquaintance has mainly been in a culinary vein and, therefore, my medicinal knowledge sadly lacking.

In truth, the medicinal properties of chives, which contain allyl sulfides and alkyl sulfoxides, as well as healthy doses of vitamins A and C and calcium, are similar to those of garlic but proportionally weaker. Therefore, while not wildly efficacious, chives can certainly have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and in lowering blood pressure, as well as serving as an antibiotic, due to their load of sulfurous compounds. (Image 14) Image 14: CHIVES As noted, chives, with their tasty green stalks growing as elegantly as a decorative grass and topped with those heavenly purple or white “pompoms” of edible flower heads, are exceptionally decorative, particularly as a border plant for a vegetable or herb garden, functioning both as an ornamental edging as well as an opportune pest barrier.

Is everyone ready to order a case? (Image 8) Image 8: BORAGE While modern medicine does not really substantiate this whole “joy,” “revive,” and “chear” thing, it does confirm that borage contains healthy amounts of potassium and calcium, the fresh juice affording about 30 percent and the dried herb about 3 percent of nitrate of potash. The stems and leaves are also excellent sources of saline mucilage, which, when cooked, also yields nitre and salt, and it is to these saline qualities that the historic invigorating properties of borage are currently pinned.

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