By Lynn Gordon, Susan Synarski

ISBN-10: 0811810739

ISBN-13: 9780811810739

The last word deck for spicing up your days, those enjoyable and outrageous feedback are guaranteed to carry a renewed experience of experience into anyone's existence.

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Yet it also can be the most self-affirming, personally gratifying and door-opening activity. Not every public appearance needs to be a Gettysburg address. You can start at a Toastmasters class. Or maybe it’s time to invite all your friends over for a talk on walrus tusk hygiene. Make up a silly topic and get your feet wet. Then go for something you’re passionate about and hold a workshop. Who knows? It might even become a new career path. Important Life Questions Write down all the weird things you’ve always wondered about, from how they get the letters “MetM” on the candy to how Wi-Fi works or why you can’t hear people grow.

Done that? Then grow it long. Got a beard? Shave it. Never had one, grow one (if you can). And if even that’s too extreme, how about a fabulous perm? Just get out of the rut and try something new. Sure, piercings and tattoos are an option, but if your boss, mother, or principal ask, you didn’t hear it here. Start with hair. It grows back. Read That Classic You’ve heard it quoted, you know it’s great, but you’re a little daunted, overscheduled, and just haven’t gotten to it. Well, stop waiting. Pick up War and Peace or Moby Dick or Gone with the Wind and start reading.

Feel good? Now, do the same with your partner, your children, your boss, neighbors, the guy who took your parking space…you get the idea. Invent! So you hate losing your remote control? Or the mop is flawed? Everybody should get to play Thomas Edison once in their lives. Think of something that really bugs you and then design a fix. Make a model of your new invention, so that at least your life will have been improved in one small way. Then, before you tell everybody about it, check online for information on how to file a patent (it’s not that hard, really), or see if there is a patent clearinghouse library near your town.

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