By Helen Otway

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Gruesome Food Facts Anticuchos are South American goat heart or cow heart kebabs. A hearty meal on a stick. A British chef was bitten by a highly venomous Brazilian wandering spider that had been hiding in bananas in his kitchen. He was quick-thinking enough to photograph the spider on his phone so that he could get the right treatment. The larvae in it can jump as high as 15 centimetres (6 inches) when disturbed! The first bubble gum was developed in 1906 and was a failure. Called Blibber-Blubber, it had a Play-Doh consistency and produced sticky, wet bubbles.

Some of them later exploded! qxd 11/6/07 5:13 pm Page 34 34 1001 Gruesome Facts St. Louis barber Bill Black used the hair clippings swept from his floor to make vests, shirts, ties and even a bikini! The corpse had not decomposed but had become mummified in the hot, dry conditions at the time of his death. Who wouldn’t be scared? American man Matt Gone was so unhappy with his birthmarks that he has had 94 per cent of his body covered in a checkerboard tattoo. Three million of your red blood cells die each second!

The world’s most pierced woman, Elaine Davidson, can put her little finger through the hole in her tongue. qxd 11/6/07 5:13 pm Page 31 31 The rare but fatal brain disease kuru is also known as laughing sickness, as its victims go through a stage of bursting into laughter, before they develop ulcerations and eventually die. NASA aeroplanes used for training astronauts have the nickname ‘Vomit Comets’, as the weightlessness that passengers experience often makes them throw up. Characteristics of tetanus are muscle spasms in the jaw and difficulty swallowing, which is why the disease is also known as ‘lockjaw’.

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